Make America Interested Again

Sometimes I find myself buying random things on the internet in the early morning hours of the night. This hat was no exception. I was elated when I received a confirmation e-mail promptly the next morning alerting me that this piece of political gold was on its way. My spirits were quickly crushed, though. I flipped on the TV and what do I see? Mr. Trump wearing a chic new RED version. I hate getting trumped by Trump. I digress.

You know what I don’t hate? When 24 million Americans tune in to watch the first 2016 GOP Presidential debate. For me, watching people debate foreign policy and the economy is like Super Bowl Sunday…minus the wings and heartburn. But to enjoy the political discourse along side my friends (some of whom aren’t even registered to vote) was thanks in large part to one Donald Trump. As much as I enjoy watching Governor Scott Walker talk about the jobs he’s created in Wisconsin (or wait, was it the the private sector that created those jobs?) I know some of the 24 million other folks who watched probably couldn’t care less. To put it into perspective for you, just 4 years ago a modest 3.2 million people watched the first Republican debate. So if you do the math…carry the one….the stage was, well…special this year.

For those of you who watched for the political theater or for the policy debate, or maybe a little of both…you were rewarded. You were treated to Donald Trump responding to accusations he’s referred to women as “fat pigs” and “slobs” by saying “only Rosie O’Donnell.” He called the leaders of this country “stupid,” called out Rand Paul for appearing to be having a hard night, outlined his border plan, which focuses on building a large wall…and we also learned a fun fact: Hillary Clinton attended his wedding because according to Trump, he has financially supported her enough in the past that she was obligated to go. What a night, eh? And guess what. Trump’s still in the lead. In fact if there were an election tomorrow, he’d statistically win. If being rich, argumentative and loud is what will make America great again, Trump’s got this in the bag. If not, at least folks are paying attention. I tip my outdated, non-trendy white hat to you all.

trump hat


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