Geography, eh?

When you live in Texas, anything north of the Lone Star State is considered Canada. See image below:

diversity day

As part of “diversity day” at work, we were asked to mark on a map where we’re from. As I went to put a dot by Minneapolis, Minnesota…I realized my territory had already been marked for me.

As much as I adore my silly Minnesota accent, I’ve been working hard to tone it down. But there’s a few words and phrases in particular that sound so northern, I can’t blame my co-workers for mistaking me for a Canadian.

Here’s the short list: bag, also, show, boat, flag, dragon, agriculture, ya know, soda, taco, salsa, about

Besides being mistaken for our lovely allies to the north, there’s another funny thing Texans do when you tell them you grew up in Minneapolis. Here’s a few of my favorites to date:

“Michigan? I have an aunt who lives there.”

“So, do you ice fish?”

“Sounds cold.”

“Moose. Ya’ll got moose up there?”

“Do you play hockey?”

“Indianapolis…are you a big Colts fan, then?”

“Is it snowing right now?”

“Fargo. That part at the end with the wood chipper is crazy!”

“Are you from Lake Minnetonka?”

“I’ve been to Wisconsin.”

If you’re from Minnesota … you probably know that some Minnesotans take offense to being mixed up with Wisconsin or Iowa. Well in Texas, the same goes for Oklahoma.

Case in point:

I was at a social event waiting in line at the bar. It was loud, so I had to raise my voice to order a vodka soda. The guy next to me looks at me and says … “Hey Wisconsin, enjoy your vodka soooo-dah”  Ahem. I said, “Hey Oklahoma, I’m not from Wisconsin.” He appeared taken aback and exclaimed “I’m from Texas! Don’t group me in with Oklahoma!” I explained to him (in a very passive-aggressive way, because that’s how we roll up north) that I’m from Minnesota and that we’re equally offended by being confused with our bordering states. He was quick to see the error in his ways, and apologized…with a shot of fireball.

*For the record, I wasn’t actually upset with being pegged for a badger state native. (look at how “Minnesota nice” I am…am I right?)

Ya know, to circumvent the above questions and comments, I almost think it would be easier sometimes to just concede and claim Canada. I think you could get away with more things too. Like, sorry I’m late … I’m on that 24-hour clock. Or …sorry for getting lost…I’m used to mapping things out in kilometers. Or in the most practical sense…sorry I talk funny, I’m from Canada.


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