Cool story, bro

We all have stories to tell. Some are funny, others are informative and some have no point at all. (my friends would tell you the majority of my stories fall into that category) But even seemingly meaningless stories allow you to catch a glimpse into who that person is and what that person values.

Here’s a quick story: today I woke up and thought it was April.


The excerpt above is from “Bread for the Journey” by Harper Collins. It’s a daily devotional of sorts I like to read each day to get my mind focused and thinking about the bigger picture in life. Although I aimlessly flipped to April 29 rather than August 29…the post from that day resonated with me today as I embark on the world of blogging. (Embark? Is that the right word? Sounds a bit dramatic) …anyway, as a journalist I’m used to telling other people’s stories. It’s never really dawned on me how brave it really is of people to voluntarily come forward and share their stories. I appreciate those who do.

So how do we measure the worthiness of our stories? The number of likes they get on Facebook? The amount of laughter they receive if told in person? If you’re opening yourself up and being authentic, is that all that matters? If we don’t acknowledge who we are and what we think…how are we supposed to connect with ourselves and each other?

I like the last sentence in the above photo. Collins writes, “We may discover that the better we tell our stories the better we will want to live them.”  I often stop and scan my life. I ask myself, am I doing what I want to do, where I want to be doing it, and with who I want to be doing it with? If the answer is no to any of those questions…why not?

live a great story

Have you ever seen those “live a great story” stickers? They’re posted on all sorts of signs, bridges, and walls across Austin. It’s the kind of borderline vandalism I appreciate. It’s a global campaign to share and spread inspirational stories. A reminder for us to check-in with our own stories. Whether you chose to share them is up to you. Whether you’re living a great one … is also up to you.


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