When I grow up, I wanna marry Paul Bunyan

“Are flannels in this season?”

Asked the woman next to me at Nordstroms.

“Well…I’m probably not the best person to ask.” I said, “I grew up in Minnesota where flannels aren’t a trend, they’re a way of life.”

Paul Bunyan basically encompasses everything I look for in a potential male suitor. Rugged and resourceful. And don’t even get me started on that beard…

But I imagine not having a 401(k) would inevitably be a deal breaker.

He does have his own amusement park, though. Paul Bunyan Land. I remember going there on several occasions as a kid. Once you got through the gate, you were welcomed by a ginormous Paul Bunyan. Literally, he’d personally greet you. He’d say “Hello, LeAnn!”



I remember the day I asked my dad how PB (I gave him that nickname just now) knew my name and he said “he just does.” How mysterious.

Even as a child though, that wasn’t good enough. I sought a second source. When I asked my mom for a second opinion she gave no spoiler alert: “oh, your dad tells the ticket lady your name.”

Thanks, mom. She was always one to tell it like it is.

So, are flannels in? Hell yes. But if you want a second opinion, you might not always be prepared for the answer.


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