Food can be sexy, but not THAT sexy

We’ve all seen it.

Some of us have even done it.

A breakfast so photogenic, so delicate, so damn impressive…you can’t help but post a photo of it on social media before devouring it.

Just thinking about it makes me want to take a post-brunch siesta.

Eggs Benedict can be really beautiful and sometimes I really do like looking at perfectly filtered images of your food. And do you know what? Sometimes I even hope you like looking at MY food.

But do you REALLY have to use the hashtag #FoodPorn?

I know you love those kimchi tacos you’re about to eat, but do you really want to MAKE love to them?

Today I was tagged in a photo of some flannel shirts on Instagram and my friend used the hashtag #FlannelPorn.

Common, buddy.

There’s more than 71 million photos with the hashtag #FoodPorn on Instagram right now.


And as I discovered today, 86 posts with the hashtag #FlannelPorn.


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