I don’t know about you, but I trick-or-treated myself in excess this Halloween.

But seriously, how cute and delicious are those mini Kit Kat bars? It’s almost like they don’t count toward your total caloric intake for the day because they’re so small and humble.

One of my most favorite episodes of Parks and Rec is the one where Aziz Ansari’s character goes on a shopping spree with his co-worker and they spend the whole day splurging on whatever their little hearts desire.

Clothes. Fragrances. Fine leather goods….etc.

My friend and I had our own little TREAT YO SELF day this weekend…

image image

As you can see, it was truly something.

I treat myself a lot, you guys. Not just once a year. I can’t help it. I love getting massages and new shoes and eating carbs.

But it’s not just the obnoxious stuff.

I treat my mind to yoga and I treat my body to green smoothies.

I also like to treat others. I like to pick up the tab, I like to be mindful of their feelings, and I like to show people respect.

The golden rule makes the world go round.

Speaking of, now I want to treat myself to some Golden Grahams.


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