Puff puff pass…legislation?

Cannabis is a schedule I controlled substance.

So that means it’s illegal, right?

Which is just fine with me. I’m not a marijuana user.

But I do vaguely remember trying it a few times in high school. Walking around the mall with glazed smiles on our faces. Ordering half the menu at the Wendy’s drive-thru. Watching strange shows on Cartoon Network.

Kids will be kids.

We also always thought our parents didn’t know.

My brother “ran over a skunk” quite a few times in high school. And I’ll never forget the time my mom asked him why he made brownies and took the entire pan up to his room…

They certainly knew.

But…kids will be kids.

I’m not a gypsy but I do think it will eventually be legal. State by state, rules governing the plant are loosening. The ramifications for being caught with it are decreasing.

And we will all look back and tell our kids and our grandkids about how naughty it was back in the day.

So very moonshine.

I understand the war on drugs is complicated. I don’t think full-legalization will fix it. And I’m certainly not planning any trips to Colorado anytime soon to relive my high school glory days of cotton mouth and the munchies.

But I do think we should have an open mind when it comes to its medicinal uses.

I bring this up because I covered a press conference yesterday where Veterans were calling on lawmakers to pass legislation that would allow them to use marijuana to ease PTSD and chronic pain.


What’s the harm in a bunch of Vets strolling down the street with a smile on their face and a bag of chips in their hand?


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