Fear and loathing in America

Does being scared mean the terrorists won?

Some say ISIS won because we’re fearful.

Sure, terrorism scares me but it also angers me.

But feelings aside, what does it make me do?

It doesn’t make me stop traveling.

It doesn’t make me think poorly of Muslims.

And it doesn’t make me want to turn my back on Syrian refugees who are fleeing their country’s civil war.

Wait, so does that mean I’m not scared?

I’ll tell you what does scare me…

The way terrorism is so politicized.

Republicans want to stop Syrian refugees from coming into the county. Donald Trump has even called for some mosques to be monitored. And for some in the GOP, boots on the ground should be part of the strategy in the fight against ISIS.

Democrats, well…what do they want? For the most part they want to help Syrians seeking refuge in the United States. And when it comes to boots on the ground to combat ISIS…they seem to mostly agree with President Obama that the continued focus should be on air strikes.

It’s clear that whoever is elected President in 2016 better know a thing or two about how to lead a worldwide coalition against terrorism.

Are you listening to what the candidates are saying (or not saying) on the issue?

Some of it is pretty scary.


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