I hear you, but I’m not listening

How often do we stop listening to what a person is telling us because we think we already know what they’re saying?

I’m undoubtedly guilty of that. My mind wanders, I zone out, or I interject with my own tangent about what I think they’re talking about.

It’s easy to tune out.

It’s easy to mute our surroundings.

This morning during my run, my Spotify suddenly stopped and all I was left with was the sound of my own breathing and of my own feet steadily hitting the trail.

At first I was annoyed, but then it hit me…

Being fully present sounded way better than Kanye West did just moments ago through my headphones.

I realized how often I tune myself out.

My mind seems to be constantly filled with the noise and voices of everyone else.

Interactions I had, interactions I should of had, and interactions I wish I didn’t have.

Being an active listener is hard work. Even when the person you should be listening to is yourself.


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