The Iowa Trail

You’re familiar with the computer game “The Oregon Trail,” right?

Well, the Presidential campaign trail is eerily similar.

I just got back to Texas after spending a week on the campaign trail with Senator Ted Cruz.

Instead of a covered wagon, campaigns push forward on tour buses.

My photographer and I followed behind in a Hyundai Elantra.

But the harsh realities of 19th century pioneer life appear in real life in the 21st century in parts of rural Iowa.

Jesse has hypothermia.


Okay, so my photographer didn’t actually get hypothermia. But he was ill-equipped for January up north.  As a Texas native, he has never experienced the sensation of being so cold, that when you get in the shower after being outside all day, your hands and feet burn.

LeAnn has exhaustion.


…exhausted from having to eat at “Pizza Ranch.” Seriously. A pizza buffet is basically the only restaurant in parts of Iowa. Besides Taco John’s. Which Jesse by the way said, “…couldn’t y’all at least try to make it authentic by calling it “Taco Juan’s” !?

And then there’s hunting.

Hunting can be the best part of The Iowa Trail.

We’re hunting for a story. Cruz is hunting for votes.

By the way, speaking of hunting…did you know President Obama is trying to take your guns away? #ThingsHeardOnTheIowaTrail

You know, there really is something special about the open road, the stump speeches, the way small towns light up with a sense of being part of something bigger.

It’s where some Presidential campaigns will ford the mother effing river and make it to New Hampshire and to South Carolina …and beyond.

Other candidate’s political dreams will die, likely from dysentery.

If not die, there will most certainly be a few broken legs. Which will only lower morale and slow down their long and sometimes rhetoric-filled journey to the White House.





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