The GOP is once again shaking its head at you, Donald Trump

Was I surprised by what Donald Trump said?


Was I disgusted?

Of course.

He said it was ‘locker room’ banter. I must admit, I’ve never been within the confines of a boy’s locker room…but I can imagine what it would be like.

The thing is, Trump is not and was not a boy when he bragged about making out with women and grabbing their, ahem… vaginas. He’s wasn’t a teenager trying to show off …or a college kid working to gain street cred among his peers.

He was a 59 year old man. A married man, at that.

Okay sure, he wasn’t running for President at the time. And people can change. I mean, we’ve all said stupid things we’ve regretted in our lives, right? But would you regret what you said if no one ever found out about it?

Does a vote for Trump condone his words toward women?

Do his comments from over a decade ago make him unfit to be the Leader of the Free World?

We all have skeletons in our closets.

Are you comfortable with his?

Are you comfortable with hers?




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