You’re Fake News

President Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff had this to say on Fox News Sunday:

“I am saying there’s an obsession by the media to de-legitimize this President. And we are not going to sit around and let it happen. We’re going to fight back, tooth and nail every day and twice on Sunday.” – Reince Priebus.


I don’t think the media is trying to de-legitimize President Donald Trump.

I think President Donald Trump and his spokespeople are the ones de-legitimizing him.

When your Press Secretary lies to the media during his first press conference…that does nothing to legitimize the administration.

Blaming the media is not the answer. Truth is.

Why can’t we all just admit when we’re wrong?

Don’t you want to be able to trust your elected officials and the journalists and news outlets that are covering them?


7 thoughts on “You’re Fake News

  1. Hi LeAnn. Sorry to post this question in your blog, but I’m curious. Are your newscasts live, taped, or cut between both? Thanks! And sorry again for asking it here like a dork. Have a good evening!


  2. I watch Spectrum News. But I miss seeing the control room in the background. Thank god you’re still there Leann. Love your voice and when you wear your glasses. I hope you get on one of the big news channels. Leann Wallace for the win!


    • You’re sweet. I miss the control room shot too. All of the anchors do, actually! We thought it had the best lighting. 🙂 As for my glasses — I don’t love wearing them but some days the TelePrompTer seems far away so I give in! Thanks for your comment. Take care!


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