Tuesdays with Mitch

On Tuesdays a guy named Mitch drops off breakfast tacos.

He works at Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q. I’ve often wondered why he brings them by our newsroom each week…but the answers have always been vague. He just does. He has been doing it for years. He doesn’t skip on variety either. Bacon and egg, bean and cheese, potato and egg, pigs in a blanket…


You see, I’m not above a free breakfast taco. Rarely a Tuesday goes by when my mouth doesn’t sing Mitch praises as I indulge in what’s usually my second breakfast of the day. But there are a lot of free things I don’t have time for. Like, donuts.


As I was waiting on my work’s Keurig machine to brew up my second cup of coffee like a fiending red-eye’d lab rat…my colleague motioned toward a box of donuts on the table and said quote…

“If you want one of these fat bombs you better grab one soon, they’re going fast.”

Thanks, but no thanks.

Now, this isn’t a bold statement on the nutritional value of donuts verses breakfast tacos. It’s a conversation about free stuff. People LOVE free stuff. But I’ve never had a free powdered jelly doughnut I didn’t regret.

The idea of eating or taking something into your possession because it’s free goes beyond breakfast items. Freebies are everywhere and people love them. T-shirts, reusable bags, sunglasses, hats. But here’s the thing:

I don’t have space for you, free T-shirt.

I don’t want to carry you, free reusable bag.

And I don’t want to consume you, free shot of bottom shelf booze.

We often find ourselves consuming things we don’t actually want under the guise of them being free.

But what’s the cost? Less closet space? Something extra to lug around all day? A hangover?

One of my friends on Facebook posted a quote the other day that really resonated with me:

“People are effective because they say ‘no,’ because they say, ‘this isn’t for me’.”— Peter Drucker

Chocolate Long John’s just aren’t for me – and they never will be.

Mitch’s special delivery of mediocre breakfast tacos on the other hand …are essential.


4 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Mitch

  1. Rudy’s chopped beef tacos make the perfect second breakfast. If Mitch isn’t bringing those, you should drop a subtle hint that you heard they were good. (You’re right about the rest of their menu being mediocre.)


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