I kind of felt like a missionary today.

But instead of going door-to-door to folks homes via bicycle, I approached my colleague at his desk and directly handed him the Good News…

Hey, Core Power Yoga is offering two free weeks of unlimited yoga this month!


I’m a self-described “yogi” and take classes at Core Power 4-5 times a week. I just love soaking in all that hot sweaty goodness. For one, it keeps me bendy and is a nice detox. But it also acts as a reminder to maintain peace in my thoughts, words, heart, and actions. Why wouldn’t I want to share that with others?

We’ve been in a spiritual state of mind at my work lately. With “Papal Visit 2015” on the horizon. A “Pope Luck” is planned for next week. It’s like a pot luck, but with Pontiff inspired dishes, obvi. Let’s see… some of the snacks expected to be on hand include: Holy Guacamole, Popey-Chow, and Macaroni and Cheesus Christ.

Our news coverage today is very Pope heavy. Dueling rallies for “Black Lives Matter” and “Police Lives Matter” are also sprinkled in. Oh, and UT Football. The Longhorns are playing Cal. For some Texans, it doesn’t get much holier than Game Day.


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