Pocket Treasures

It’s that time of year where you find yourself in the depths of your closet, dusting off jackets you haven’t worn in months.

It can be lucrative, nostalgic, or creepy putting your hands inside the pockets of those coats.

Sometimes you’ll find a $5 dollar bill and think to yourself, since when do I carry cash?

Other times you’ll find a movie ticket stub from a date that went awry. You haven’t thought about him in a while but you remember the movie being so-so. You also remember the theater being cold so you didn’t mind his warm hand on your leg.

And then there’s times when all you find is a Kleenex, perhaps on standby while you struggled through a winter cold.

Today I found something so soothing, so healing, so comforting…


To me, this is winning the coat pocket treasure hunt.


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