Rides home with strangers

I’m a devout Uber and Lyft user.

I’m a pretty good passenger, too. Did you know you can look up your rating? 4.9/5 stars…which means I’m a hot mess only .0009 percent of the time. Not bad.


At first I thought it was a little weird hopping in the back of a stranger’s personal Kia Sorento. But now sliding into the back of a traditional taxi cab makes me cringe.

…so does this next story.

When I was in college my roommate and I were making our way to the bar by foot. We were still about a half mile out when we saw a truck heading toward us. Because we felt incredibly safe in our little college town, we decided to flag them down to hitch a ride.

The next thing we know, we’re in the back of his pick up.

“You can just drop us off at the Red Carpet,” we chirped.

“No problem,” the driver said.

Megan and I began talking amongst ourselves when the man behind the wheel said, “You know, this isn’t safe…”

“Um…like this right now isn’t safe or getting a ride from a stranger in general isn’t safe?” I asked, as my heart began to beat even faster two vodka Redbulls in.

“Oh, no this is safe. In general. You shouldn’t do this in general,” he replied.

Weeks passed and I never thought about that ride again until this one day while I was at work.

A man and his wife and kids came through my line at Best Buy. He looked at me and then looked at his wife and said “you know what, why don’t you grab some ink for our printer while we’re here.”

She left and he said, “So did you gals have a good night?” I looked puzzled. “Don’t say anything in front of my wife,” he said.  “I was the one who gave you and your friend a ride the other night. I’m glad you girls flagged me down and not some creep.”

I was glad too. I sincerely thanked him again and told him my days of getting in stranger’s cars were over.

Until now, I guess. These days, we continue to flag strangers down for rides but we just use an app instead.


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