Sharing drinks with strangers

I was sitting on the floor at the bar charging my phone when a guy sat down next to me and offered me a drink. I declined, but we ended up sharing his beer and getting to know each other.

He lived down the street from the establishment we were at. Grew up on the East Coast. Newish to the city. Loved his tech job.

We exchanged numbers. He typed his name into my now fully charged phone. His name was Eron. Unique, I thought. I had never seen anyone spell it that way.

A week later while I was at work, we heard a call on the police scanner about a jogger on the trail who saw a body floating in the lake.

When authorities ID’d the victim, I felt my heart drop when I saw the person’s first name.

After a quick Facebook search, I discovered that it was indeed the Eron I had shared a drink with the week before.

Working in news, I’ve had to tell a lot of sad stories.

But I’m usually able to keep myself a safe distance from fully feeling them.

Whenever I run by the spot they found him, I tell him to rest in peace.

Sometimes strangers can be kind enough to keep you company on the floor of a busy bar while your phone charges.

Unfortunately, sometimes you’ll never get the chance to make them more than just a stranger.


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