And just like that he was gone

When people find out you’re an expatriate from Minnesota, they’ll usually bring up one of two things:

– Fargo (yes, I’ve seen the movie and the show but the city of Fargo isn’t even in Minnesota)

– Prince (yes, I’ve seen the movie Purple Rain, no I’m not from Lake Minnetonka)

Like many people who grew up in the land of 10k Lakes, I have my own Prince story.

It was a typical Saturday night in downtown Minneapolis. After a vodka red bull or two (seriously, how did we used to drink those things??) we hit the dance floor.

A friend of ours was the DJ. All of a sudden he waved for us to come up to his booth. He motioned toward the VIP area.

It was Prince.


He was shorter than expected, standing next to his female body guard, wearing a little velvet suit…as expected.

I blinked and just like that he was gone.

Where the hell did he go? I looked again and it was as if he teleported to the couch on the other side of the club. Just sitting there. Legs crossed. Face stoic.

I like to think he made that same move as he passed into….the after world.

A world of never ending happiness
You can always see the sun, day or night

RIP, Prince


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