Smashmouth was smashed

Hey now, you’re a rockstar

When I was in 9th grade my parents drove my friends and I to Omaha, Nebraska to catch an outdoor music festival.

It was sunny and hot and we were in a sea of people listening to Christina Aguilera sing about her time spent as a genie in a bottle. That’s when my friend Bridget started to feel faint.

Security pulled us both up over the barricade and escorted us to the medical tents behind the stage. Bridget was given some water and a Little Debbie Swiss Cake roll.

While we were behind the stage, we began searching for the bathroom. We came upon some porta potty’s and decided to go into the handicap accessible one so we could go together (as girls like to do)

We opened the door and couldn’t have prepared ourselves for what we were about to see.

It wasn’t just some dude who was using the bathroom who forgot to lock the door. No. The lead singer of Smashmouth was literally using his penis as if it were a water gun, spraying the entire bathroom.

We screamed and let the door slam shut.

What the hell?

Shortly after he came out. We heard a couple other girls scream – but their screams were of the excitement variety.

We snapped a confused group picture and chalked his behavior up as living that rockstar lifestyle in the middle of Nebraska.




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