say cheese

Have you ever looked at a photo of your mother before she was your mother?

I mean, reallllly looked at it?


I do not yet know this woman, who will one day be my mother, but I feel so connected to her.

I can hear her young, carefree laugh.

I can see her shyly smiling while pushing my father away as he tries to go in for a kiss on the second date.

I envision her standing outside the salon she works at, smoking a cigarette in between giving haircuts.

I see her hopes and dreams, her fears and failures.

Does she already love me?

I see her.

Dancing, painting, loving, saying “I do”, smiling, crying, giving birth, learning, sighing, laughing, creating, giving birth again, loving, playing, traveling, giving, parenting, praying, crying, drinking, spinning, loving, learning, gardening, forgiving, cooking, loving, longing, being, singing, doing, seeing, loving, loving, loving, dying

I see it all.

At least I want to.

Did she?


8 thoughts on “say cheese

  1. Hi Leann,

    That’s a really sweet piece you wrote. I just so happen to be sorting through old albums of mine, from baby book to current, and properly dating them in some sort of order, versus just thrown together.

    I know my parents were hippies and huge fans of Blue Oyster Cult and Skynard so I’m familiar with how they were before have me but after reading your piece I did view all these photos differently.

    Always my best to you and I’ll look for you on TV, soon.

    Bryan J. Deleon

    C: 512. 317. 1747

    W: 512. 769. 8180

    CMM | Brawla | FMF

    FB | Twitter | Instagram


  2. Pretty cool. I love the way you wrote the stream of conciousness. I rarely think of my mom anymore. She passed in 2009 October 8. But it reminded me of her because my mom use to get the boofaunt hairstyle done every week in the 1970s.


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