10 things I learned in 2016

I know a lot of folks had mixed feelings about 2016. For me, 2016 was at least adorable thanks to this yoga puppy calendar.


Besides wanting a dog I can teach yoga to, here’s what else I learned this past year:

1) Life’s a journey, not a destination

Don’t be in such a hurry to get to where you think you need to go. Life happens when you slow down, look around, and enjoy the scenery on the way there.

2) Don’t give in to the internet troll

They were out in full force this past year, weren’t they?? I see you…hiding behind the anonymity of your keyboard and I give zero you-know-what’s about your opinion.

3) Quality > quantity

I don’t want 48 pairs of yoga pants. I want 8 amazing pairs.

4) You can’t change anyone except yourself


5) Eye drops are glorious

They’re like little refreshing showers for your eyes.

6) Never underestimate the power of a demagogue


7) Listen more, talk less

It’s so easy to think you already know what people think and where they’re coming from. Shush for a half second and listen.

8) Rice makers are the bomb-diggity

Wow, I haven’t used that term since 2002.

9) Not everything is personal

I know it’s fun to think everything is about you, but I’m sorry…it’s not. You know what people are thinking about most of the time? Themselves.

10) We are the authors of our own stories

If you don’t like something, you have the power to rewrite it. Change the narrative if you want. Here’s a plot twist: take the pen back from whoever you gave it to and change course.


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