Are we there yet?

For some reason I love a good rest stop.

You know, the place people on road trips stop to relieve themselves, walk around a bit, maybe pick up some snacks from the vending machine.


My family traveled a lot when I was growing up and I recall many fond memories at rest stops…looking through the brochures of various attractions we might stop at, enjoying a Dr. Pepper, petting other people’s dogs.

Rest stops were always a nice break from the monotony of hours spent on the road even though they weren’t the point of the trip. They certainly weren’t as glamorous as the destination, be it Disney World, the White House, or the Rocky Mountains.

But I liked them.

People coming and going. Dressed in their most comfortable summer vacation outfits. An almost too obvious symbol that you can and should enjoy the mundane things in life as you make your way to wherever you’re going.


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